Civil Consequences

Avoid the eviction action may be unnerved the issue brought here unfortunately is burning today. The impossibility of vitiate through payment of unpaid pensions, the demand for eviction of the tenant whom in mora, when it has been requested previously for payment under the various courts jurisprudence, has come to realize that this require, is not enough to be a mere claim that irrefutable proof, normally through Bureau-fax that makes proof at trial, to be effective through the stoppage by payment of the eviction action, such requirement has necessarily inform the lessee of the consequences legal breach of its contractual duty will only entail thus, where thus is has expressed it so that the defaulting tenant know by having him so warned the exact behavior consequences and all this because the exception to the possibility of veto by payment leaves of be a limitation of rights of the lessee for that reason should be interpreted the legislation in a restrictive manner, so that such rights are not being violated, and that line comes demanding a realization both the consequences and the sums due, the impossibility of onset through prerequisite of payment was introduced in our law through the additional provision fifth of law 29/1994 of 24, November tenancies and later by article 22.4 of the law 1/2000 of 7 January prosecution Civil. for all these reasons and as a necessary conclusion the Bureau-fax in which the requirement is made has gather a punctilious information from what is required not only in the amount due and to claim but also the last term which will present demand as well as a warning clear and precise inability to later be able to vitiate the action of unilaterally by the lessee original author and source of the article.. Dr. John Holtsclaw describes an additional similar source. .

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