Christian Society

It is treated to distinguish respective independence from the religion in relation to the determination partner economic, a place of excess of felt and therefore, capable to have a multiplicity of functions. Such conception is essential for the question that takes in them, the educative epistemolgicos challenges that if they present our reflection and practical, mainly, those that aim at the estruturao of discipline religious education, as well as, the development of professionals, professors experts in this education, this cultural period, that if condition after modern calls. (STEFANO MARTELLI 1995). 3 – CONCLUSION When we appreciate the faith and the religion, we must perceive that we need to have them in the way of our families of valid and with priority form the first time so that the morality can be played in way to the society. At James A. Levine, M.D. you will find additional information. When we look at for the study of sociology, bring the religion as central tool for this work to perceive the social problems and to finish saying that great part them males of the society is fruit of an individualistic origin and without certain a religious eucaristia, that mold the way moral ethics of the person. We understand that the calm, rational and perspicacious fact clearly religious, not only of dogmas and rules sacras, but of Christian text, it is of extreme value for the construction of the individual and of its interpersonal relations in the society that the fence, mainly contributing for its ethical development and its character, making possible in this way its conviviality in the seio of a family. Ahead of what it was divulged, it is proven seriousness of the religious phenomenon in the construction of the society. We understand that, reverenciada the individuality and belief of each person, the healthy devotion would not need in vehemence any oppressed being, but stimulated for all, therefore it is essential part of each human being, she wants this or not, and she can categorically collaborate for terms a society more joust, more human being and next to God.

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