Caregiver Relationship

At the border clients often lack a genuine interest in life. They are characterized by devaluation of life, they often ask myself the question: "Why all this, why am I here?" Outwardly, they live a full and may even take responsibility, but always as if under duress, as if someone forces them to live. The roots of this lie as a child in violation of child-parent relationship in the very early stages. When the relationship with the caregiver satisfactory and the infant is healthy, he greedily clings to her chest, happy to slake hunger. In the old saying, and now they say that if the baby sucks the milk greedily, then he's all right, then survive, tenacious. When same child care is unsatisfactory, then the child, in turn, loses interest in his chest.

If you had been directly compromised, or too much frustration, frustration or too early and did not meet the age child's ability to cope with frustration, then this could lead to premature loss of his omnipotence, premature collision with their powerlessness and helplessness. As a result, a child gets injured. and the main way to cope with the trauma can become non-food needs on a physical level and its analog – the need to love – at the psychic level at a later age. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dr. John Mcdougall. In this case, the child can breastfeed sluggish reluctantly, as if under duress, as if he's not hungry, or may completely refuse the breast. And, often, mothers have to coerce, encourage child to take the breast. Of such a child have always said that he did not very viable.

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