Blood Sugar

My average body temperature during the first week of the test was 36. 95th. During the second week of the test was 36.7o. The reason why I decided to follow my body temperature is that I had read that the crudivoros of long term may have significantly lower body temperatures, so I wanted to see if there might be any change during the first 30 days. While I experienced a slight drop in body temperature, it was not particularly serious. Blood pressure my average blood pressure for the first 5 days of testing was 131/76. For the last 5 days of the test, it was 117/73. So the net fall in my blood pressure was 14/3.

My lowest value in the test was 110/65, which took place on the 30th. Sugar in blood check my blood sugar using a device for test blood sugar, the same that a diabetic could be used. Didn’t have any kind of peak of sugar throughout the entire test with this diet raw vegan absolutely none. In fact, my blood sugar remained incredibly constant throughout the entire test. My highest value of blood sugar was 94, that what is still medium. All the sweet fruit in my diet simply not had any adverse effect on my blood sugar.

Eating this way gave my blood sugar more consistency than ever before. With this diet could do to raise my sugar in blood or even though I would like to do so. Nor eat 19 bananas in a single day made a difference. Alkalinity measured my urine pH several times on the last day of the test, and all the times marked values between 7.4 and 8.0, clearly on the alkaline side. Test pH is less precise than testing blood, but I see no reason for concern by the fact that this diet can become acidifying. Energy after the first two weeks with diet raw vegan, my physical and mental energy levels had a constant stability.

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