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However, mesmose an angel was the leader, who would go to believe it? Is not the angels aquelesque more fears for its description of Fall? Did not leave the proper terrible umadvida Bible on the leadership and the capacity of disguise of the angels? (It reads 2Co 11,14 and Gl 1,8). Who would be dared to trust them? Who of us to poderiaenxergar the heart of an angel? Therefore, my opinion is that the only solution (even so also fails), before the proper God returns and points the seuseleitos, is to use to advantage something that already we have, the Church Catholic. The reasons are asseguintes: 1a) the IC is the oldest church cristque the world knows; 2a) the IC can have been, in fact, fundadapelo proper Christ, if we will be honest to use all its leiturashermenuticas confirmed for the logic; 3a) The IC coexist a series not-authorized deteologias well, even so are fincada on a eno-democratic only government (it is good for remembering that such government follows the model of doprprio government Kingdom of Jesus); 4a) the IC nails and supports first and last the mystery all comofonte of the human knowledge, what he is indispensvelpara to counterattack the close dishonesty of all the pecadores, over all deoutros religious leaders; 5a) the IC considers a espiritualidade that, at the same time, encloses the substance and the spirit, and to one alone time frees econduz for the all pecador pulse that to want to be a responsible person. 6a) the IC has a definite creed and extensive umcatecismo to explain it, as well as an only leadership in substance def, what, even so limit very the freedom of thought, a security to decontar with a compassing, a north spiritual, for which all walk for oAlto. Finally, what the reader finished to read is only aopinio of this author, and if you were, anticipatedly, without qualquerinteno of change in its life, us two we lose an enormous time. But if oleitor it exactly read this article because already it was touched by God, then istopode to mean an excellent chance to change the world from you, as they teach to all the religions..

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