Bernardo Plata

We can win an argument but also lose a heart, what interests us most?. There are moments in which talk is useless, it is less appropriate. If the man is which is upset tends to judge his wife, to forget that his partner is sensitive and vulnerable and can display aggressive, stingy and inattentive. If it is the woman that is angry, Surely you acknowledge, you will feel guilty on behalf of his anger and resentful and hurt will be displayed. You can decide to write, here are some reasons: when we write we are more reflective. When writing we remove much of the emotional burden that we have.

The tone of voice, body language, gestures have no place as when we speak. Our negative emotions are losing intensity allowing spaces arise those positive feelings that have always existed in our relationship. CVS often says this. We need to mentally process all our ideas and is in this process when we become over weighted, we weigh what we say to not go to wrong, little thing that we do when we speak. The technique of writing can help solve many conflicts, allowing us to be more rational than emotional, more practical than sensitive. Finally, we cannot think that there is no love for the mere fact of having difficulties to communicate. Communication is not always easy, it is almost impossible to express negative feelings without hurting anyone. Believing that We are perfect in our communications is being too idealistic. Communication is an art, we must strive to learn it.

It is not easy to understand the point of view of the other, and much less accept what we don’t want to hear. Remember that to listen to a radio signal we must put the receiver to the same frequency of wave, otherwise, it is impossible to communicate. And to improve your relationship on the basis of your self-esteem, I invite you to to subscribe for free in my minicourse self-esteem from the Center to the periphery. You should only enter your name and email address in the form located at the following address: by your inner peace, Bernardo Plata. Original author and source of the article.

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