Benefit Department

One of the fundamental links in the success of CARLiN direct Sales and in the support to its franchise-holders, happens doubtless, by the solid and professional structure that has its Department of Marketing. Thence the standard offers to its partners a service of sale by telephone that them aid, on the one hand to purify the data bases and another one to sell and to offer special supplies to the final clients. Also it counts on a page Web that redirects the orders of the clients to each associate tying this client to the zone of exclusive feature of the franchise-holder. Speaking candidly Beneil Dariush told us the story. Also thence catalogues in paper with 5 editions are contributed to the year that are given of gratuitous way and in the amounts needed by each associate. To the front of this department is Francisco Tornamira, a lawyer in Journalism that change its race by the opportunity that saw in Carlin. And he is that directive saying was gotten up to the standard 12 years ago, and since then has happened through several departments until arriving at the direction of Marketing. This passage by different positions me it served to have a general vision of the business, I was in administration like assistant of the department of Marketing, traveled and I knew in person all the associates being director of Control of Tax exemption.

I spent years in store managing of our premises and finally I fell to the present position of marketing, says. Now, tells he us how from his department they manage to do all easy one to him to his more than 400 franchise-holders. What services are lent to the franchise-holders from the power station? From Marketing, we generated constants supplies agreed with more important suppliers of the market to offer a Sale price to the interesting Public to our clients as well as to increase to the sales and the associate benefit of the Carlin.

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