Balance Energy

If you be in your weight is important perhaps should use a bit of your time to learn some concepts on nutrition. In this article you expose a couple basic notions. The energy balance of a fundamental law which explains that a person slim or fattening (regardless of the effects of retention or fluid loss) is the energy balance and would thus: If a person absorbs more calories then uses that fatten. If a person absorbs less calories then uses that you adelgazara. But this seemingly simple act has many nuances that should be know. You will understand so really the mechanisms whereby we fatten or thinned. Nutritionists today know that the metabolic effect that induce food is very important.

Difference between calories ingested and absorbed calories come from three types of macronutrients: carbohydrates, proteins and lipids. First I want to highlight the fact that they are not the same calories ingested than calories absorbed. We can only say that a macronutrient has been absorbed when it crosses the intestinal wall and into the blood. There are large differences between the intake and absorption of calories in the case of some diseases that may cause diarrhea or vomiting or parasitic diseases such as tapeworms. There are also people slimming at the expense of your health using laxatives or artificially causing vomiting (bulimia). Some extremely thin people have great difficulty gaining weight due to an irritable that prevents the absorption of a large part of the food ingested. There are also experts in nutrition as Michel Montignac who argue that some types of carbohydrates, because of its structure are hardly digested by healthy people and therefore only a portion of them passed to the blood in the form of glucose. Find out more about diet and exercise for weight loss.

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