Atomic Energy

All divided by Yes particle itself but the result of this division, dividing the continuous results will allow finding units chemical adaptation of inderterminabilidad mathematics to his future mechanization of physical determinabilidad. In this way can simultaneously measure the position and momentum of the same. For this the same namespaces must be determined. and at the same time the figures should be modified geometric that determine its trajectory. 29 Objects change of position by the transfer of its primitive States. therefore amending and acquire your anterior or posterior movement of transformation. which is generated by the force as a whole concept. Since that primitive force others emerge.

30 Objects which are proyectivamente aligned to then be modified by their transformations of Atomic Energy, move to areas of a linear trajectory. In this way they acquire direction and sense. For this the trajectories of antimatter and its certain molecular speeds, from the linear trajectory of the universal force must be observed. 31 When the movement is aborted by the resistance of two objects which are directly proportional in both directions, we say that there is a contact of solid compounds which we call the friction. Friction is not a property of solids. Example. When we have in a Bowl this water exerts resistance on the surface of it and turn the Bowl exerts on water resistance.

And at the same time the the Earth’s surface exerts resistance to water as if it were independent of the container and into the same container. Even more: the water exerts pressure on itself and this is due to the shape of its container. When the metaphysical movements of being, are cancelled by the resistance of the senses. We say that the reason applies to material purposes, which is inversely proportional. the experience and being. They must be in the areas of the reason directly proportional, a only if a correct interpretation about the nature can be.

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