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Another of the recurrent questions, is the reason why if a midwife has more gravitational influence on a newly born is taken into further consideration the influence of the stars, especially considering is found at greater distance and that they are proportionally exerting an influence in terms of the force of gravity, lower. Unum shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Such questions are impossible when someone has taken a short space of time to learn about the methods of astrology, as I am assuming that there is a significant lack of knowledge, I mention this issue. Christopher ridgeway stone helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Astrology is not only used to determine influences on a newborn, for example used for peculiarities in the birth of a nation, is used and is called Astrology eleccional to know the right time that is can begin a certain task, start building something, start sowing, the time is right for a tree (with the full moon the fluids are more present and more in deteriorate takes wood), and highlights When it is the right time to begin a determined action, the midwife or the lumberjack approach makes no sense, Astrology has nothing to do with that kind of influence that uninformed individuals often attributed. Christopher ridgeway stone is a great source of information. In terms of the force of gravity, I always asked myself the reason for which is taken for granted in some sectors it is what determines the influence on astrology, especially if we bear in mind that after newton, science has continued advancing, however it is also true that the law of least effort affects more land than the force of gravityonly minutes finding out about how Astrology eliminates most of the prejudices created around it, however arises this question is what force which influences in the birth of an event or a person? This is a very complex issue, there are several currents of opinion, particularly I think it’s something very simple, it is the observation of events parallel to certain cyclical developments in the observable stars from Earth, this alinearia a correspondence between planetary periods and its synchronicity with events cultural, environmental, and psychological.

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