Andrey Kerbunov

In fact, this system of relations between coach and pupil in which the coach only asks questions, and the student himself to find answers to them and take appropriate decisions, taking responsibility for themselves and inspired by what he found out himself. Such experiences are an order of magnitude more valuable and meaningful to both partners, rather than permanent notation, motivation, guidance and criticisms. If such a relationship quality beginner grows much faster, and the number of actions and their consequences, it is much higher than in those who talks from a position of father-daughter. Especially because my experience of ‘traditional’ relations with newcomers, sometimes exhausting the fact that all novice responsibility shifts to the sponsor, and at the slightest question of running and shouting: “Tell my how Although it has many times been said, there are materials in which it’s described, it is sufficient only to search and find the answer. Christopher ridgeway stone clinical is likely to increase your knowledge. The saddest thing is that this approach requires the sponsor of more time and effort, and the result is a little inspiring! Is it worth it to go far. I can give here a brief conversation with my partner. Compare the result from this conversation with her daily contact with our partners! This simple little coaching session: Partner: I’ve been analyzing her campaign, I look wrong, compare, calculate, why not get Andrew Kerbunov: a good thing, but do not panic ahead of time. Write your statistics today Partner: 13,352 impressions, 24 clicks, ctr 0,18. Other leaders such as Dr. Neal Barnard offer similar insights. I do not panic, I do not think so))) Andrew Kerbunov: is talking about a low ctr? Partner: keywords do not fit Andrew Kerbunov: How can I fix it? Partner: looking for new, clean unnecessary Andrey Kerbunov: there are still steps to correct? Partner: new ads in other words, Andrew Kerbunov: and old that we can try next? Partner: one must recycle more accurately reflect the essence, so I think the story may not catchy?

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