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Beautiful place, the holy ghost place An environment takes that me to the meeting with the holy ghost. Ritual that has years if I repeated. Ahead of that covered with star sky, I can feel the magnitude of the creator. The breeze touches my skin, as a caress. To deepen your understanding patrick smith is the source. The owls observe with attention each order that I carry through. I feel the angels my return. The peace fully breaches with the gates of my soul. per instant I remain silenced, immovable sensible that sublime one to be able it consumes that me completely. Lee marks describes an additional similar source. I feel myself so happy, a meeting that restores the soul and of the direction mine to exist it. The magic of to that makes me place to smile, to cry, to praise Mysteriously I can say that I see the servant in everything my return! Simply my point of meeting with the creator. At this moment nothing it makes direction, therefore I disconnect myself of this world and I connect to the creator. My point of light, a place of divine inspiration..

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Mediterranean Sea

Cullera this located in the border of Mediterranean Sea, is a millenarian city and is a tourist destiny since in 60 years the Spanish development policy drove a town that until then was dedicated only to agriculture. If what the tourist wishes when arriving at destiny is not only landscape, gastronomy, smooth climate or amiability but in addition history, testimony of a remote and excited past, someday will have to reserve a hotel in Cullera. It will have the pleasure to be present at the dawn from view to the Mediterranean Sea, it cradles of the western civilization from the Castle of Cullera and will be able to have the vibrant sensation to be unemployed on the scene same in that they lived and they died Greek, Roman, Arab and Christian and long before that they, those original settlers for already 25,000 years. It has been place coveted by and others throughout the centuries, besieged by kings and pirates since its name was Sicana. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Sigmund Freud. NATURE Cullera is a fertile alluvial plain due to the opening of the Jcar where the aroma of naranjos in spring embriaga to the traveller who contemplates the Natural Park of the Lagoon from the Mountain of the Vixens, unique elevated point of the city, as it would do already it with Blasco Ibez, brilliant retratista of the life in the rice field. We will be able to cross like that one Tonet, or Neleta, or the Uncle Dove, the cabins that still are conserved, hidden between the rushes, many of recovered them. Bathed his they become a singular ecosystem, a salty candy mixture and, like the Lagoon of Estany, where the fishing attracts infinity of fans to this sport. The Dunes of the Dosser, in continuous and magical change are protective home of countless colonies of birds that hide themselves in the peculiar vegetation to dunar.

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Under the solipsista point of view, defended for Schlick, the protocolic proposals made reference the sensible data, while the fisicalismo of conceives them to Neurath as referring proposals the physical objects, public, exterior to the citizen. In the words of Neurath: ' ' unified science consists of factual sentences, that can be subdivided in protocolic sentences and sentences not protocolares' '. Protocolic sentences are factual sentences as the others, contend names of people or names of on groups of people of determined way with other terms, which are, in a similar way that those, taken of the common language. See Bobby Green for more details and insights. The fisicalistas considered that the reference the sensible data made impracticable the objetividade and the intersubjetividade, that must be characteristic marcantes of the scientific speech. Schlick against-argued showing that the sensible data would have to be conceived as composed of two elements: structure and content. Thus, how much to the content, the sensible data would be in fact incommunicable. However, how much to the structure if it could not say the same. It is as soon as, if we cannot know if the impression that a person associates with the word ' ' vermelho' ' she is the same one that another person associates with the same word, is allowed, on the other hand, to support that if they establish the same relations between the impressions associates to the s words ' ' vermelho' ' , ' ' verde' ' ' ' azul' ' , any that are these impressions for each individual: ' ' However, exactly that all its judgments on colors agreed total to mine, I will never be able to deduce from there that it is experienciando ' ' same qualidade' '. It could be that, to the look the green paper, it has the experience of a color that I would call ' ' vermelha' ' ; in the same way, it would be possible, vice versa, that in the cases where red I enxergo, it experiencie the green, however nomine of course ' ' vermelho' ' , and so on.

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It is lamentable, like government that says revolutionary, able to undertake deeds that they give passage to transformations who Venezuela in one go needs and to encausar it by the footpath of lights where already it had to journey for years, neglects what the Education represents, which she locks up for all those that they have right in entering itself in the reach, repercussions that it generates to prepare to contribute knowledge required that allows, that the country develops successful, before the challenges that the present scenes him demand. Every day, is read, observed, the great displeasure that the manifest university community before the upsetting of the Government in relation to the negligence to provide to him to the universities, a worthy budget of those who to them the knowledge provide, experience, that entails to that the participants become qualified form and obtain a title that benefits to the country. Lee marks: the source for more info. He is very lamentable to read and to experiment in the case of the educational ones of depending on a wage, pay nonadapted to the inflationary reality of the present, a pay not just to the functions, requirements a to evolve, not accredited according to the needs to subsist decently, in an atmosphere where the prices for the acquisition of basic products do not reach to supply to a family. It worries like the government, in particular objectives of his policy, interests to solve the problem to him of other brother countries, contributing to them capital, originating of a rent that is of all the Venezuelans and not to distribute it in favor of the country equitably, as for education, health, house, uses. Add to your understanding with patrick matthews. The government must be located in his national reality and invest with his income, product of the oil rent, fortifying those weaknesses that per years have come undergoing a country that has everything to be a great power that guarantees a quality of life that the Venezuelan is deserving and has right. .

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The failure pertaining to school is today a great problem for the educational system. Many times, to get rid itself of the responsibility of this failure, a culprit searchs; somebody that can assume alone this situation, therefore to each year the failure pertaining to school increases at the same time where the quarrels between educators if extend, in the attempt to solve the problem. The statistical data disclose the tragic reality of that the children registered the first series in its majority are disapproved. However, the search of significant results, that provoke a difference in the practical form of this learning so that the reader finds subsidies so that educating finds inside of its pertaining to school entity; it is a process that must be creative and pleasant, to have value and meaning for the pupils in today and that still it will have to open doors so that these find the way safe from to sequenciar such process in accordance with the reality that will be imposed to it, with base to act on this same reality as a being transforming politician and. Searching to know more on Difficulties of Learning, it is that this work is justified. This research aims at to identify the behavior of the pupil ‘ ‘ Jonas’ ‘ analyzed in the case study (text in annex). This work has as objective to argue the process of inclusion of the related pupil which manifest necessities special to understand, the social representations does not obtain to read and to write the waited one in accordance with, above all of its difficulty to deal with the reality, allied to the health upheavals affecting its cognitivo and emotional development intervening directly with its pertaining to school performance.

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Canalizations Of The Ship Alpha Through Cristian 03 Of January Of 2010

Greetings from the Ship Alpha! We are sure that we will initiate period of a useful and extremely beneficial interaction with your incorporation to the group with which we worked to take to the maximum to number of interested people all the information that we want to them to make arrive. The Ship Alpha is located to a distance of 200,000 kilometers yours of the Earth, prepared to quickly act and effectiveness in any point of the planet that made lack. Our technology, outpost many thousands of years more than your present one, allows us to remain invisible to your simple apparatuses of aerial sighting. In case we had to take part, we could do it without being detected by your governments, since the majority of them still does not have intention some to cooperate abiertamente with us, although know of our presence. Learn more about this with Beneil Dariush. But for the interference of certain human beings that they occupy positions of being able economic, social and political, and who are directed by the forces dark, already it would do a long time that we would have helped them in improving all their social structure, producing more natural foods and supplying themselves all the necessary resources without contaminating the environment, consequently the so extreme climate that they are suffering at the moment would take step to a climate tempered much more sustainable. We are diverse and very hetereogneas the civilizations that we are pending now of its evolution, because the step which they are going to give next not only will improve the situation of all the alive Earth beings, but will affect positively the dawn of all the planets that turn around their Sun, and even other adjacent Solar System. For that reason it is so important that the Mission that has been assigned us takes to good term. And we will obtain that it with the collaboration of all you. Each person who offers itself to the Evolutionary Plan will conform a piece within the puzzle, reason why no action on the part of you is devoid of value; on the contrary, the work of each of you, by small which it seems, is of extreme importance for the attainment of the global mission in this planet. They do not lose the hope, they maintain total confidence and faith in which we will not fail, in which soon, in a moment they will see restored anywhere in the world the values morals that already live other worlds similar to his, and that they will allow that many present social injustices until today disappear of the Earth face. Then you will live an Earth Paradise. Blessings for the brave ones that are the pioneers of the planet in this pacific fight by the restoration of justice, the fairness and the mutual respect between all the men. Peace and Love from the Ship Alpha. Original author and source of the article.

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Latin America

It is common to hear in any circle the word crisis and their impact on the life of the country and to each person’s. Observing the behavior of markets, bags of values, salaries, etc., it is clear that there is no easy solution or short term, and in this context one day I found myself with a tree of Jacaranda (Jacaranda mimosifolia) who gave me a lesson applicable to these moments of social and personal crisis. In various countries of Latin America the jacarandas (jacarandas, trees or gualandayes) offers each year a gift to the places where they grow, with its beautiful flowers in violet tones, in addition to the medicinal uses of its leaves, that steamed them have antiseptic and antibacterial effect. The bark is astringent, though not in doses that support its industrial use (1). On this occasion, its growth pattern also gives us an example of how to deal with difficult times. On a Street South of the city of Mexico had a jacaranda as many trees (and as all being young human), growing up in conditions that had touched him. One day, when passing I noticed that jacaranda and another tree that stood beside him had been cut to its base. Already some months have passed since that day, and recently I was able to see the jacaranda still has a few small shoots. As you can see on the picture, this scene made me move the current situation in that tree to any person individually, and this has inspired this article. How many times we have sought to achieve some goal, whether a business, a family loving and attached or a working position, to then discover that things were not as we had wished. How would an average person react? Doing a very simple calculation, it seems that the jacaranda photo has no more than ten years of life when it was cut by thus legitimately agree people who probably planted it. What would make a person who is dismissed from her job after ten years of? service? The term of a marriage to the ten years of marriage? The nature of this jacaranda is the sustain life, follow tillering, regardless how long has life or what he has done so far. Everytime I find new shoots, tender, small, I see the momentum of this tree to live one more day, because perhaps this day will give you another hope and you can live or perhaps tomorrow. In any case, for her it’s worth all keep trying until all the forces that fit. In my psychotherapeutic practice I see how many people need this impulse to get out of a depression or loss of a loved one, and I hope that these brief lines help them continue to seek life options, one day, back to flourish. And what happened to the tree that was cut along with the jacaranda? He died several weeks ago (although also attempted to live), why the title of this article is for who until today is still looking to the sky without lose hope. Notes (1) photo thumbnail of the Jacaranda tree and some texts were extracted: the author has published other short articles on his site about humanist with an approach to body psychotherapy, and offers its services in the city of Mexico.

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Steve Alpizar

For years we have lived with a series of myths and limiting ideas which hinder people to achieve great things, that fear can become a real barrier in the pursuit of their dreams. Some people have said ideas such as the following to want both?, does not comply with what they have!, none of this will be when they die! Etc. see all those voices become accusers that we may be eroding. It is necessary that you understand that everytime you achieved great goals then it is creating greater greatness for the universe, understand that you not remove anything anyone on the contrary you enriches your life and also that of others, in this regard should never feel guilt because their goals are big, rather than be proud of becoming a great creator for God. Additional information at Beneil Dariush supports this article. In the book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar learn the principles that govern the establishment of wealth, to read this book all your thoughts will be expanded and will know that the only thing that exists is the power and abundance, if until this moment in his life has not perceived must be limiting ideas and negative beliefs you have, but every impediment will be able to overcome it and thereby achieved everything you want. Every day we think big we continue the current creator of the universe, we noticed the greatness with which we have been designed, we create the best circumstances for making our life a better experience. Goals should be challenging, great, glorious because that decision will allow us to achieve happiness, satisfaction, happiness, peace, spirituality, health, freedom, etc. Each time we express an extraordinary idea, we expanded our universe, we are entering a new perception of our capabilities. In your hands you have the future, you are pure power, you creates its own universe, make his life a wonderful experience, enjoyment of everything you want to, create your own abilities, you was born to manifest great and beautiful things for you, your family and the people around him.

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Longs Goals

Do you have the desire to become a millionaire? Do you want to be financially independent? Enjoy the life you have always dreamed of? These desires are very commendable. Every desire for a better life is an expression of the greatness that nests in you. Each thing you desire, improves the world, makes it bigger, more prosperous, more rich. Every thing has been built, each thing that enjoyed in his life, and every thing enjoyed by others, was a product of desire. Desire is the root of all the universe, says Corentt in his book the secret of the power of goals. The desire of many people is warm, devoid of power. That lack of fire of desire, makes people about automatons who walk aimlessly, like sleeping. Nothing could be achieved without desire, continuous saying Corentt. And the desire to be strengthened when you know what you want, cando clarify clearly what you truly want. For more information see Justin Gaethje. This step is very important as it not only desire is to say this or that, but that must be ordered for each of the important areas of your life. The secret of the power of goals, Corentt shows a powerful system to formulate goals that materialize automatically and this system begins with finding what you want, with the use of various forms of work, and link it with the Mission of your life, what you love to do, what they enjoy and brings much pleasure. This you love, makes their desires are powerful forces that attract anything they want to your life fast, honest and easy. After knowing what you want, you must convert it into a goal. The powerful & compelling goals are so effective and powerful that you will be literally released in everything what you want. The secret of the power of goals, will show you how to convert your desire into a real desire, a subconscious desire to open roads where there are only walls. Those wishes are the basis of the goals that you will learn how to build. Everything you want is on you, all you want to can experience it very quickly if he can take it to a mental priority. Make it irresistible targets that. It is an agreement between the parts of your mind that are irresistible. When are you ready for success, wealth and happiness the secret of the power of the Metassera your next reading and work plan. If it is not, must find something that you want to achieve, to pave his road to success and prosperity. Do you have something that motivates you? Do you want to achieve something with all his heart?

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