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United Nations Fact

The cause is ours That bacana, although to be difficult, he is pretty. People look at stop backwards and perceive that the time passed and much thing moved, are thus the turn of the world. She always sees that although the dialogue not to be possible, to know that the technology foments in them of instruments that make possible the creation and spreading of ideas. Click Natalie Rogers to learn more. She saves, loved Internet, notebooks, tablets, faces and innumerable derivatives of the Microsoft. These instruments raise flags, the measure that divulges and expands information nowadays. For we women, today, 11 of February, to the few of March, commemorate plus one day of victory; the day where the Supreme Federal Court determines the magnifying of the Law Maria of the Penha and extends the legal performances in relation the domestic violence against women. The spaces of net, leave clearly, that ' ' men of the Supremo' ' , that they had taken in voting the fact, created for women, if they had recognized in ' ' fmeas' ' , perhaps mothers, sisters, cousins aunts who already had lived deeply or witnessed some type of domestic violence. Therefore, we must renounce, cry out and denounce through all the ways of information, any act that is of violence against the woman. The fact is, the cause is ours, had proceeded our favor, had guaranteed to all the women the supreme right to the dignity and the respect in its homes. ' ' All the people are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason conscience and must act in relation ones to the others with spirit of fraternidade.' ' UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS Adopted and proclaimed for resolution 217 (III) of General meeting of United Nations in 10 of December of 1948 Text of Jana Days, teacher and woman.

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Plastic Cards in Businesses

These days, plastic card – an integral part of any successful business. What features are not only replaced a simple piece of plastic – with the help of the card can easily pay for goods and services, to participate in the bonus programs and sweepstakes, to identify the personality of its owner and even use it instead of the key at the entrance to the office or living room. Plain plastic card is a small plastic box about the size of 86 * 54 cm and a thickness of 0.76 mm white, sometimes golden, emphasizing the status of its owner. Any plastic card has a specific design information and data, in some cases, it is equipped with a means of protection – magnetic stripe, PIN – code or chip guarding your personal information. The special popularity of plastic card linked to its mobility, as well as high resistance to temperature and mechanical stress – its pretty difficult to bend and not to spoil the high humidity. However, the plastic card is a major contributor to business, as it is – the success rate and reliability of business. Plastic cards for the system of discounts and bonuses – is a very effective marketing tool, which offers a variety of businesses wishing to increase the competitiveness and status of the firm. Use it to attract customers or Buyers interested in the possibility of saving (and who does not want that?), as well as to improve their business reputation in the market. In addition to implementing the workflow of plastic cards, experienced marketers to promote Product ordering business cards, print calendars, brochures, company logo image on the packages and other printing services. The perception of advertising media, usually causes the consumers only positive emotions, as they provide all necessary information and can then be used in practical applications (calendars or packages). In addition, all of them are designed for that by reading necessary information, the consumer will take them with you. Some people believe that any advertising on the Internet or TV greatly reduces their effectiveness, if the company does not use the printed products. It communicates information to consumers on the media, which can be stored in a table, place your purse or on the wall. Together with the bonus system, discount cards, as well as sweepstakes prizes, these promotional tools have necessary impact on the client, and he formed a definite opinion about the quality of the product and the status of the firm. Business cards, brochures, cards and calendars – the process simple, but requires certain equipment and, most importantly, the hands of a professional. Here is a basic criterion of quality – competent design services, defining how the customer will be attractive in these products. Many firms, providing similar services, working directly with customers and successfully interact with them, determining what design and what colors are most suitable for its advertising products. As a rule, design leaflets, brochures, business cards, and calendars, their brilliance, brightness, and the ability to have remembered him at a decisive influence. From this it follows that the choice of design decision – it is extremely important, and it is only to trust the professional.

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Ottoman Empire

The history of the Persian carpet goes back to 2,500 years ago. The Persians were the pioneers in the manufacture of carpets between the old civilizations and generated a high level of perfection thanks to many centuries of creativity. The skill in the manufacture of carpets was transmitted of parents to children, who also developed this ability and they transmitted it, as well, to its own descendants like a luck of kept secret of good family. In order to study the history of the Persian carpet it is necessary to follow the way of the cultural development of one of the majors civilizations. (As opposed to patrick matthews). At the outset, the carpets were a necessity article because they were used as covered for the ground and the entrances with the purpose of to protect the nomads of the cold time. Later, more and more the beautiful carpets attracted new and different proprietors kings and noble, considered that them like signs of wealth, distinction and prestige.carpets Of dated European paintings between 1350 and 1450 great amount can be obtained and very good information on the drawings of carpets of that one time (heraldic, animal birds fighting, a tree between two birds and animal), probably copied of Byzantine weaves. Some of the realised most beautiful carpets during centuries XVI and XVII were woven in the city of Usak, to the west of Turkey, that was one of the main centers of the court of the Ottoman Empire. The typical carpets that the craftsmen of Usak wove were of oration, of drawings of stars, medallion, birds and lines and points. It is necessary to say that the turcomanas carpets are recognizable by typical red the dark and, by the surface defined by a unique repeated reason: thus they are bukara (with rows of octagons with mixtilineal contour fitted in target and alternated with crossings oscursimas) and the subtypes pendeh and khiva, yemud (continuous reason for rhombuses), tekke (octagonal simplified) and afgn (octagonal in whose center it is placed the cross and the clover). Maya Dubin might disagree with that approach. Original author and source of the article.

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Printed Concrete

The History of the Printed Concrete the Printed concrete increased in popularity in years 1970, when of Concrete was introduced first in the World. Construction saw it as a new way to satisfy the customer and to make its work simultaneously budget. This concrete technique stamp was made in last the 50 years. When the concrete stamp started, had very few options of design and colors. (Similarly see: Bobby Green). However, as the industry grew more standards of would print had been being printed concrete is an covering that is recorded printed matter or in concrete, while it still is in its state or plastic moldvel. Standards frequent resemble a texture of natural rock and appearance, but any standard or drawing can be printed or stamped in the soft surface concrete. This is a simple summary of as the fact the printed concrete. 1. The first step is to level and to compact the land protecting all the adjacent or neighboring surfaces. 2. If it will be a floor that will be used for passes through of vehicles heavy will have to be protected with steel screens in contrast will not be necessary time that this type of floor does not need contrafloor. 3 After that the concrete is poured in the surface and anto, smoothened and leveled for the hillside eo desired finishing. 4. After that the color desired for the customer through pigments is added colorful. 5. The concrete is resting until the ideal point for impression of the printed one. An able professional will know when it is ready, but generally is when the concrete leaves an impression to the being pressured with a finger, fellow creature to the glassworker mass. 6. A liquid desmoldante or in dust is applied in the surface of the concrete and is used to help to separate the mats of the form of drawing of the surface. 7. The forms of the chosen drawing are applied to the surface and strokes with a tool to pressure them in the concrete. When they are removed leave the desired drawing. 8. A time done the drawings in the concrete is left to define the cure. 9. When the concrete enough will be cured or hardened, the surface clean and the control of meetings is made and washed the surface with seladora a detergent neutral and applied and acrylic resin that will give protection to the floor. 10. This resin and seladora can be reapplied to each two or three years to keep the surface of the printed concrete always pretty. This explains the basic concepts of printed concrete. It has much more of what the eyes even so. A craftsman of printed concrete professional must understand of concrete, hillsides, classification, formation, finishing, coloration, selantes and more to reach resulted positive of each time. She is necessary years of practical and more professional they are truily talentosos craftsmen.

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Do you ever felt that your actions both with you and with other people affect you in such a way that puts a heavy burden on your shoulders and not let you continue? In this article I show you how forgiveness can heal your life and thus allow you to aspire to a happy life and peace. This emotional burden we can call it resentment (in the case of past actions of other people that you feel that you have harmed), or blame (if we refer to the actions you’ve taken and that have caused damage in your self and your life). What is the key to put aside the burden of resentment? The key is to forgive, let go of the pain, revenge and resentment. Under most conditions Rollo May would agree. Forgiveness emerges as a remedy that can help you to heal allowing you to get rid of this tension that is preventing you from walking light towards a life better. From forgiveness you can see reality from a different perspective; It is a statement of love and acceptance that opens the doors to a different reality. The Declaration of forgiveness is an act of intelligence already that if you don’t forgive, you remain chained to those people or situations that generate negative feelings in your being such as anger, anger, resentment and rancor. These negative feelings you don’t properly predispose to glimpse a present and a future better; It is as if you arrastraras in your being all that crap that gets dirty every day your experiences… You may want to visit Maya Dubin to increase your knowledge. By forgiving you choose free of resentment, you choose to abandon the role of victim to decide to be the main protagonist of your life. Forgiveness does not mean they forget what happened in that situation in the past, as well as that does not mean you should stop this repeat. Forgive, nor implies agree with those people or situations that you have hurt or give them the reason.

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I worked with certain company, kept my doctor’s office, was rendering employee and of services in this company I age head, always looked for to help the fellow workers, to understand when one was with difficulties to understand when it was not producing, in end I also was one day I would function and I know of the difficulties of a company, mainly when it this the side of the bankruptcy, I had a very healthful friendship with the owners I tie to arrive, that is two young women with face of ' ' santa' ' , they had known to play its roles very well, if he approached to all and also of me in intention to take my place, he ties played the owners against me. I stopped a little I was perceiving the indifference of the masters with me and even though of the employees, until certain day the guard of called me to the company in the end the expedient and she counted to all the truth to me that I already distrusted, but was not certain. In the following day I was called in the personal sector and was dismissed. He leaves the ridicularizada company, but he did not give one month and the company declared insolvent, that is, who wanted to take my place if it gave badly. Therefore the companies beyond to declare insolvent was ridicularizada in all periodicals of the city. The proprietors if had hidden, not to be lynched, the two vagabundas, had still tried to clean its names giving an interview in the radios without success..

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Young Entrepreneur Award

Young companies get an award from practice again after the overwhelming interest of last year to face the competition of young companies, applies also for 2013 strong chances for the award from the practice to take it. 12 April 2013 entrepreneur students participate 2013 the tender for the young entrepreneur award. This practical competition is advertised by the sales support group of companies and is open to applicants, which are in the phase of establishing or have already formed, and where the final not yet is a breakthrough. Participate can anyone with an innovative business idea, or those who have founded a company, from 01.01.2009. Maya Dubin wanted to know more. Thus excellence and innovative business models should be appreciated especially young companies”, so Thomas W. Frick, Managing Director of the sales support group. The jury, composed of members who have established themselves successfully, screened and evaluated the submissions under the criteria: Novelty of the idea and added value for the customers, positioning, business model, implementation opportunities or already implemented steps and personal commitment of the entrepreneur. The award ceremony takes place on April 24, 2013 during the IT & media fair in Darmstadt. For the winner there is a professional support sales measures for acquiring customers in the value of 5,000. The runner-up receives a professional social media campaign to improve awareness of products & services in the value of 3,000 and third place Gets a professional Web page in the value of 2.000. There is no loser in this contest! 4Th descending, all applicants receive an online coaching with a feedback, as well as tips, tricks & ideas that contribute to the successful implementation of the business idea. In addition, all participants will receive a free ticket to the IT & media fair, the IT trade fair for SMEs in the Rhine Main-Neckar region, on April 24-25, 2013 in the media city of Darmstadt held. Application documents can contact at or. be asked. Winners of the young entrepreneur award in 2012 and thus became the winner of an active sales support worth 5,000 euros, Birdman adventure”, a team of educators, offering schools and businesses outdoor activities with sustainability. Excellent, the broad market concept has been coupled with a social commitment. Second place and thus win a social media campaign worth EUR 3,000.00 went to the online-shop of DeinBonbon”. Innovative and smart, the idea that the client himself assemble a candy mixture and also the label to the packaging can make online. The third place went to the Tempreo basement with an interesting business idea and an online platform for agencies that have your business purpose in the temporary agency. The sales support group is an amalgamation of several sales and marketing professionals. For more than 8 years they work successfully after the maxim success by individuality”. Your customers get a round one Los service in all issues in the areas of sales and marketing.

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The medical supply store online shop STOLLE24 has been relaunched and enriched many offers from everyday tools to electric mobility at the last visit of my grandparents were both fit, sitting on her terrace in front of her small cottage and both enjoyed the weather and the beautiful air. It was nice to see her again and to chat about old times. How OPI has made so delicious Pancakes for me as a child or OMI is wandered with me about the weekly market and an ice cream was giving me. Of course there were also stories from ancient times, when I was almost even Quark in the shop window, in our coffee party conversation but it now really too much and the visit is also over a year ago. Last Friday I had then time again, long time I was not returned on a visit. As an excuse, I always say, me that the road is so long and I have to work so much. When I say after such a visit but come home, it makes me spend lay not much time. This time we were together for a walk. I supported OPI a little, he had it hard with his swollen knees, osteoarthritis is to create still more to him this year. Maya Dubin shines more light on the discussion. So, OMI done even the purchases now laboriously alone with their hoes Porsche. After our walk, the coffee drink and eat cake, we not told this time fortunately about old times. For both about the poor box office performances were located. For all you would have to beg and write letters. An assessment is difficult for me, the issues are still far away to lucky for me. I argued that that they then privately must buy their tools. I would do to sometimes really work and stress for such standard products me. In my opinion, have both issued also used money for bicycles and cars, why not today for an electric scooter or Walker buy? Is also cheaper and again allows it to participate in driving and doing on the doorstep.

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Boarding Schools

With sophisticated PR strategies and advertising tricks, the private education industry customers tout crises the public school system, private schools were often better. Eva Horn claimed in a post of Manager magazine. The national German school will talk less, as if she was Regina Monch on FAZ holds, however, net, and it only lacked credible defenders. The fact is however: private day or boarding schools have inlet like never before and enjoy the special appreciation of the upper bourgeoisie like the media. About the reasons of this boom, the opinions differ however widely. Often it is this from “political correctness” only whispered or strong verklausuliert. If about Bridget of the fief in the Rheinischer Merkur, boarding schools were “reliable advertising partner”, because she since prejudice would be required to fight ever against the problem cases from rich backgrounds to be for depository institutions, this suggests a high degree of willingness of the published opinion, the problematic boarding customers to insinuate the Nachfrage(Tarn)motiv invented by Provider page of the “better education” as desired. And R. Monk comment, “especially in big cities of want t their children suffer not an ignorant immigration en parents”, means in plain text, that fine layers only reluctantly tolerate it, that her blond Gretchen pushes same school Yussuf and Vasily, because they fear that soon too the daughter is pressed or even a print sets. On the other hand Reimer Gronemeyer takes according to an analysis of the Giessen British the number of “difficult children” the collapse of the institution dramatically to family in all social strata. Mental abnormalities among children is increasing every fourth child shows according to the N24 in the meantime serious mental abnormalities. Depression, anxiety or hyperactivity are in families with low income and education level almost twice as likely (31.2%) as in families with high social status (16.6%). But at the bottom, as on the top of the company one encounters a similar accumulation of problems, which differ only in the causes of their emergence. Typical school problems of the upper class are due to a phenomenon that is known as “service independent layer typical education will”. Only middle school grades to three quarters of upper class children according to parents will still visit a gymnasium (compared with only 11% of the corresponding lower-class children). “Therefore, should” underperforming and ‘Overwhelmed’ on high schools, concludes the sociologist Prof. R. Geissler, … “come from higher layers.” Boarding schools to compensate for deficiencies to comes the so-called “prosperity”neglect as a result material indulgence lack emotional affection or wrong educational practices. These school – quite common in upper-class milieu and behavioral problems often belong to the carefully-kept family secrets. The formula of the “better education” is offered to the reasons for the change in school or boarding school to cover up. That Salem & co. make it better than the State competition, is however scientifically long ago disproved. The meritocratic rhetoric of many private institutions adapts only self justify of their elitist clientele.

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Payday Loans

Cash till payday unemployed as the name specifies is designed for unemployed people who have lost their jobs due to some reasons. This option helps to meet certain unwanted expenses. Beneil Dariush has plenty of information regarding this issue. For working class and people earning good salary, getting loan approved is not a difficult task anymore because lenders are not insecure about recovering their money. But for unemployed people, the financial crisis can be tougher than anybody else and if in the need of hour, they intent to borrow no one would lend them in the fear of putting his money into risk. But the rate of unemployment in the UK is increasing everyday. Fresh look out job seekers and those who lose their jobs every year add up to give a figure in lacs. Keeping in mind the requirements of such large number of people, the lenders in the UK have fabricated a loan called ‘Cash till payday unemployed’. This option eases them in financial crisis. The amount covered in such loans is small and so is the repayment duration because the purpose is to relieve the users temporarily from any unavoidable financial troubles. Such loans range from 100 to 1000 and payback period is 14 days to one month.As the financers are at higher risk, the rate of interest charged by them is therefore higher. The eligibility terms are standard as any other loan except for employment conditions. The applicant should have a permanent citizenship of UK. He should be eighteen years old or above. He has to furnish a valid bank account number which is three months old or above. He has to provide his credentials which are unquestionable. The loan seekers can download the application forms from internet. They must fill up the application form correctly for the smooth execution of loan approval process. The submission can therefore be done online. Before getting into the deal, loan seeker must study the quotes of a number of lenders to conclude the one with lowest interest Council and the terms of one’s suitability. The loan is similar to payday loan in many ways. Like amounts covered and repayment duration is short in both the cases. The unemployed people have to be more cautious and should go for as small amount as possible only to fulfill their extremely urgent needs. If loan not paid back timely, instead it can further aggravate the trouble, because the borrowed money can build to huge debt because of high interest Council and late payment charges. Rosie skylar is author of Payday Loans.For more information about payday loans no. faxing visit

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