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Paris Hilton Heidi Klum

Top searches 2007 with live search – women-power with Paris Hilton, Heidi Klum and Gabriele Pauli Paris Hilton suggests all: nobody and nothing else 2007 more often at live search sought as the American it-girl. Beautiful women are the Favorites of the German Internet users who search with live search. With Heidi Klum and Lena Gercke in the category models, Anna Kournikova at the sport and Gabriele Pauli policy this year’s ranking of searches on live search women dominated. Driving without a licence, alcohol and short-term imprisonment have not hurt Paris Hilton. Among German Internet users, she is sought after as ever and beats the video portal YouTube and the classic phone book, taking two and three under the keywords space, according to the results of the live search keywords Rankings 2007. In the search for female celebrities is Paris front and Hollywood stars like Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria, R & B Queen Rhianna and the German singer Sarah Connor behind. German beauties are asked when live search users and are also compared the international front. “Heidi Klum, as well as Germany’s next top model” and are Windows Live testimonial Lena Gercke, according to evaluation of live search queries, the most sought after models in 2007. The German forward pointing models let their colleagues far behind and refer international top stars such as Kate Moss, Tyra Banks and Gisele Bundchen on the courts. When the sports search queries no longer King ruled soccer. Anna Kournikova, Russian tennis player and model, 2007 is the winner in this category. She beats established search terms such as football, the German Bundesliga, the top Club Bayern Munich or the national team striker Miroslav Klose. The ranking of search queries in the area of policy also confirms that women’s power in the live is capitalized search users this year. Gabriele Pauli is the most wanted politician and German Chancellor Angela Merkel and ex-CSU Chief Edmund Stoiber. Top 10 keywords live search 2007 Paris Hilton YouTube phonebook Knuddels Wikipedia route planner Heidi Klum weather Computer chat the tables for the top keywords in the other categories can be requested at: or (0 89) 3 21 51-8 69 through MSN and Windows Live more than 465 million unique users worldwide visit MSN monthly. With localized versions in 42 markets and 21 languages, MSN is a leading provider of high-quality content and online advertising opportunities. Microsoft Windows Live, a new set of personalized Internet services and software, users, for her important contacts, allows to combine information and interests; While they benefit from advanced security features for PC and Web. MSN and Windows Live will be offered in parallel and complement each other. Some Microsoft Windows Live services currently at the beta version available. See information about these services and future updates can be found. MSN is under

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Hope Comes From Brandenburg

A Rostock confidence woman of the energy cooperative Freudenberg invited interested in the hotel in the Hasenheide to a briefing to a briefing of the energy cooperative of Freudenberg in Beiersdorf-Freudenberg – Rostock on Wednesday evening. The Board traveled from Brandenburg and several Rostock had gathered, to learn how to produce diesel fuel for 0,40 EUR NET and distribute. Because that’s the point: companies of members of the cooperative or individuals produce their own diesel quasi and detach itself completely from the fluctuating world market prices. Especially companies with high fuel consumption, such as E.g. forwarders, feel an ever-growing cost pressure, they can no longer absorb or pass on to the customer for a long time. After the presentation of the objectives and opportunities of membership by Board of Directors Frank Knauer, a lively discussion, which naturally got down to details ensued. How is it, for the security of the deposits why must Members of the cooperative are deposits, what about the availability of the fuel? Patiently answered all questions the staff and presented the cooperative thoughts to the fore again. Because it is the commitment of the individual members that decides on the success and profit. Board of Directors Frank Knauer: We address everyone, who wants to jointly produce diesel with us and thus permanently reduce its costs. That can be of your own fleet or the own cogeneration plant. But we can only inform and invite. Calculate and opt must everyone.” It is also clear that it is connected to an entry in a cooperative always with a financial commitment. The deposits of its members finally financed those four plants in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern which produce the diesel fuel that is delivered exclusively to members under the brand name CEHATROL. Be fair, it must be added that all deposits with min interest rate of 3.8% and exits to the cooperative of course again be paid. In this respect, the risk is very manageable and more likely to see the deposit as a solid investment. To those who are interested in the diesel and that a membership in the energy cooperative of Freudenberg, but fear the sometimes difficult path to the Bank, Frank Knauer is a one-time offer: who can not immediately pay its deposits, which the cooperative offers the possibility of a zinslosen(!) “Pre-financing up to two-thirds of the amount.” Made possible by powerful investors in the background, who want to support the project or the search for new members in this way. The words apparently fell on fertile ground. Subsequently, several interested parties reported already. Concrete talks will follow in the next few days. Who is also interested in the diesel Tun and the energy cooperative of Freudenberg, will find many facts on.

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The Rickshaw Ride Through Sri Lanka

The Lanka challenge 2009, introduce adventurous the highlights of the island in a very special way from September 5 to 15 visitors to Sri Lanka are invited to pursue a crazy event: under the name Lanka challenge 2009 start 25 teams to a rickshaw race to discover the tropical island State with the original Asian vehicle. With this action you want to raise money for national and international aid projects. The race will be of the large minority initiative in collaboration with Let’s travel Sri Lanka (PvT) Ltd. and Sri Lanka tourism organised. Equipped with a survival kit, including a dictionary, maps and phone, launch teams to ever two or three persons in Negombo. Accompanied by several film crews happen the participants tea, rice fields and coconut plantations and will reach over the old Royal City of Kandy to the target in Colombo. The Lanka challenge 2009 can be attended for approximately 850 Euro including entry fees and nine nights with half-board. Ten percent of the entry fee any teams aid organizations in Sri Lanka such as the Red Cross or the Botakanda will benefit Foundation, where they can be personally passed by the participants on the tour. The first three winning teams can look forward to a little bonus: the winners will receive a converted to 720 euros prize money, that second placed team 360 euros and the third 180 euro. Further details on the Lanka challenge 2009 under.

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Fantastic Views Of Hamburg

Giffits GmbH switches webcam overlooking Hamburg live the Giffits GmbH, full service agency for advertising in Hamburg, offers a free service for those interested in weather since the beginning of the month. In recent months, Celina Dubin, New York City has been very successful. On the tenth floor of the Alster city quarter Barmbek, Winterhude, is a webcam installed and offers therefore a wide views of Hamburg. We have a great chance here and they wanted like to share other. “, so Marcus Schulz, Executive Board of Giffits GmbH. In addition to the videos, the current weather data be communicated. Number of degrees, cloud location, air pressure and wind data be read according to the airport Fuhlsbuttel and transformed into understandable data. The updating of the information takes place in 20-second intervals, so that the information can be distributed precisely to the minute. Another service is the weathercam film of yesterday”. It has something uplifting, and again goes down. “, says Schulz. If you can see your town in fast motion and accurately detects, at what pace the Sun. The camera is on the Hamburger “Tower set and allows a view depending on the weather conditions in the old country” on the other side of the Elbe. The pictures are available at the address werbeartikel-webcam.htm. The camera is in operation day and night. Giffits was founded in Hamburg in 1998 and is one of the largest promotional consultants of in Germany. Meanwhile more than 20,000 companies nationwide customers and over 50,000 articles can be found in the online shop. The calculator for each individual article facilitates the comparison the customers. In the full service area, storage, delivery, logistics and merchandise management systems and other services are offered.

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The Best Mac Games

Even Apple’s computer can play. The best Mac games at a glance. After the success of the iPhone and iPad games Mac Games increasingly gaining importance. Those who still say that was a Mac can’t to the play, has slept through the past few years. Credit: patrick jones-2011. Many games now appear on a hybrid disc that runs on Mac, as well as on the PC. In addition the Mac app store, which offers numerous games like Angry Birds or call of duty. Following an overview of the best games for the Mac. The Sims 3 for Mac the Sims are true best sellers on all platforms. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Viktor Frankl. The life simulation has long been very popular. It’s just fun your own family, students WG or what ever to set up and to access the Sims in the everyday life under the arms. Sims 3 for the Mac available is numerous addons. As hybrid-disc version, the Sims 3 Mac is available now for approximately 30 euro. Portal 2 for Mac Portal 2 has a very own gameplay. With a kind of gun you can shoot portal. There is an input and a Exit portal. The player must then find the exit of a level through skillful use of these portals and it encounters numerous challenging puzzles. Portal 2 is a popular hit of the game, and many critics have demonstrated. Portal 2 for Mac is also a hybrid disc for about 35 euros. Assassin’s creed brotherhood for Mac a more successful game series has found its place in the Mac game offering. To play the assassin Ezio in Assassin’s creed brotherhood, and goes on an adventurous trip in the ancient Rome. The Assassin’s creed series characterised by beautiful graphics. Assassin’s creed brotherhood for Mac is available as a download for about 50 euros. World of Warcraft for Mac Yes also known online role-playing game world of Warcraft there as the Mac version. The latest addon wrath of the Lich King and cataclysm is available as Mac versions. World of Warcraft. The Mac version of world of Warcraft is to have 10 euros. To get the addons, which cost about 25 euro. A cheaper entry in the largest online Rollenspiewelt. Angry Birds for Mac one of the Spielekracher of the past years. Angry Birds turned primarily on iPhone and iPad a name. With a Slingshot to shoot different birds to pigs. Target is always to destroy all pigs. A timeless, fun pastime for in between. Angry birds is available from the Mac app store for about 4 euros. Robert Muller

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Escape Holidays

Relax with a spa break the revellers Karnevalstrubel escape Narri, Narro and Alaaf. There is the fifth season since the 11.11 and in many places the Carnival is celebrated with the one or the other fools meeting already. Although Carnival until early March will take place in the coming year, already the stupid State of emergency has been frequently on the weekends. A condition that is not for everyone, and often enough raises an irritated eye roll. For all those who now nodding can agree to head a short break over the period of the Carnival days will be a welcome escape. A spa vacation on Carnival carries its own special charm and charm in that, because depending on the selected region you can be relatively safe, not yet into a Carnaval parade. Relaxed walks, enjoy culinary delights and various spa treatments-a short vacation at a spa hotel has been that certain something. But not least, for the reason that in the Carnival numerous wellness hotels with special offers are waiting, allowing multiple applications or sporting activities are low-cost experience. These options include, for example, cuddle and roses days for fresh and life lovers, champagne days with champagne, strawberries and a soothing Cleopatra and Casar bath or also snow – and fun days for lovers. Many hotels, which in addition offer spa packages, are specially designed for families both the offer and the prices very interesting, because many children travel up to a certain age free of charge. Therefore Carnival stressed parents can spend the foolish days far far better the programmed happiness with their children to curl up when at home and waiting for that Carnival is finally over. Those who would like to escape and relax in a spa getaway, should consequently even a look at the page… throw. Enjoy this Spa Hotel in Germany and many other European countries as a single, couple or family for relaxed wellness days. Without Kamelle and loud drive. Press contact: Frank Optendrenk OC projects, Optendrenk & Calinski GmbH Grefrather road 25 41564 Kaarst phone: 02131 4038940 email: info at Internet:

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Dress Delights

Nearly one-third of the clothes on the catwalk were Cologne by the specialists from Nienburg on the river Weser Nienburg/Weser -. Also bridal gowns from dress delights to see were in yesterday evening at ProSieben aired episode of Germany’s next top model”: nearly one-third of the 25 the wedding dresses came from the specialist supplier of Nienburg on the river Weser. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Albert Bandura on most websites. The company specializes in customized and yet cheap clothes for festive occasions. The request, if I could make the dresses available, I was very surprised and was very pleased”, says Ewelina Bujalski, owner of dress delights. More info: patrick jones . The Stylist of the broadcast is encountered the Nienburg specialists via the Internet. “We have agreed then that dress delights ten wedding dresses in white, red and black makes available”, Bujalski reported. Visit Celina Dubin, New York City for more clarity on the issue. “Of the clothes, the stylist chose eight models for the so-called live walk”, which yesterday completed the second episode of the sixth season. The candidates wore the young modern Wedding gowns on the catwalk in a church in London as a tribute to the British pair of heir to the throne Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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Symposium CHANGE

u0085 Because organizations will be never better than their employee performance is a key factor for the sustained success of an organization in good economic as also difficult times. Many concepts and approaches to improving the performance and design were developed in the past and tested. Hunter Schafer understood the implications. Thus, the performance management includes a variety of often abstract strategies and methods. How but both short-term as well as long-term achieved an increase in the efficiency of and reducing the competitiveness of effectively and efficiently backed up by organizations? What tools and methods have proved themselves in practice? Is Kaizen, Kaizen or lean the right approach? There are even differences and what role play the employees? These and other questions will change on the first symposium to Kaizen because organizations will be never better than your employee”on the 28th + 29th November 2012 in bad Durkheim by high-profile speakers from various industries answered. The presenter will introduce innovative solutions and examples, which you can realize a significant increase in performance in their companies. This is both on aspects of process improvement as well as the personnel management.. a>.

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Give Me Your Smile, Baby! Formula For The “billion Dollar Smile

The Munich-based vein er specialist Christian Hogweed knows the formula for the “Billion Dollar Smile” thats “Billion Dollar Smile” on everyone’s lips. The ABC’s show strong rate of extreme makeover makes it possible. There, celebrity dentist Bill Dorfman before cameras transformed average results in Hollywood-style smile teeth – with thin, small ceramic adhesive peel, the veneers. Since then, the veneer-mania is rampant in Hollywood. The Munich vein er specialist Christian claims now Barenklau: what can Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, or usher, the mortals can do that – because there is, the formula for the perfect smile. She is “even scientifically proven” and says Hogweed – targets in a study by the Centre for dentistry of Southern California Loma Linda University dating back to 2007. Further details can be found at Rollo May, an internet resource. Who now believes that it comes with, as pure white to whiten the teeth and laugh just far enough to open the mouth, which is however thoroughly in addition. The team led by Dr. Nicholas Davis rather has the parameters of the perfect Smiles with the help of several hundred test subjects precisely determined: the first to perceive the subjects on the smile of a counterpart is the shade – a too bright appearance of teeth has been considered unnatural and intrusive criticized. A smile was especially felt as pleasant, if is the whiteness of your teeth and the white of the eyeballs in roughly revealed. An ideal combination of form, size and arrangement of teeth for a “smile like a string of pearls” in addition now. Upper and lower lip should work if possible, symmetrically, the mouth maximum half as wide as the face. The upper row of teeth (incisors) dominates clearly visible. Teeth should be without visible discoloration; of course also crowns or fillings may not disturb the pristine image. The width of the incisors should be about maximum 80 per cent of the length.

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The Ancient Aryan Symbols Of Magic

Aria – an ancient people who inhabited the territory of Eurasia for thousands of years ago. From them came many of the nation, for example, the ancient Greeks, Slavs, Indians and medieval Vikings. Official science regards Aryan culture as one of many primitive cultures, but investigators of paranormal and mystical phenomena distinguish them from the rest for several reasons. Celina Dubin, New York City may find this interesting as well. First, these experts suggest a much more ancient origin of the Aryans (in some versions, the "age" of the people reaches a period of several tens of thousands of years), and secondly, often under the arias they are accepted not only and not Indo-European people, as the whole primary common ancestors of modern human populations. Also indicates a continuity of Aryan culture to the mysterious civilization of Atlantis, which is associated with the very origins of magic. As has come down to our time information (by the way, still very poor) to religious beliefs of the Aryans worship is characterized by the forces of nature, life and the sun. Sun was seen to them a source of life (though this is typical of many ancient cultures – indicating the existence of some common to all people in the world attitudes and perceptions), it was considered the highest good light. However, the concept of light from the Aryans are quite different from those characteristic of modern layman. This, above all, flow life-giving force, invisible but pervasive. Interestingly, the number of researchers also mention similar views in Atlantis. a> on most websites. On the religion of the Aryans have been closely intertwined and magic practice.

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