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English Shakespeare

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As well as the Biblical Zacarias, the Zacarias of the story, for the people saw who it without the enchantment of the Rosabalverde fairy, was also a grotesca creature and that it caused a certain estranhamento for the people. It was also born in day 10 of August, day of Are Loureno, considered the protector of the cripples, blind people, lame person, among others. Hoffmann still makes one intertexto with other considered workmanships important, as for example when citing Hamlet of dramaturgo English Shakespeare: ' ' Is consummated fact that you belong to that strange type of people who take all the ones that they see becoming vacant solitary for melancholic fools, and want soon treat them and cure them it its way, as that corteso wanted to make with worthy Hamlet prince, who gave a good lesson to it at the moment where homenzinho confessed not to know to touch the flute. ' ' (Hoffmann, 1818, p.47) Shakespeare was of a great importance for the German romantismo, a time that influenced firing pins of the romantismo as for example Goethe, a time that this gave to the writer the right to create its proper workmanship, breaking with some aesthetic standards of the time, as well as the valuation of the nature, that also is present in the workmanship that is being analyzed. Of Shakespeare it is not only the influence, more also of other authors German of great reputation as Chamisso, that also is cited in elapsing of the narrative, that, in the year of 1818 had arrives of the North Pole: ' ' two philosophers as well as a naturalist who, of return of the North Pole, was there exactly of passagem.' ' (HOFFMANN, p.123). Chamisso, was botanical one dedicated the research in the area, as well as the father of Cndida, professor Mosch Terpin, who, after to abandon the licenciatura started to dedicate the botanical research in the area, however to its they had only taken it research to a figurative position, without value some as for example in the discovery of the blackout: ' ' After many physical experiments, it had success in the discovery from that the blackout comes mainly from the absence of luz.' ' (Hoffmann, p.45) the author also cites in its workmanship with also romantic author, Friedrich Schlegel, that was influenced by the philosophy of Fichte and Shakeapeare, the story contains also with a literal citation of its Alarcos part, when Cinbrio dies I medicate and says it that ' ' from fear to die, it finished morrendo&#039 indeed; ' (Hoffmann, p.177). A certain dialogue between the narrator is present in the narrative also and the reader, has on the part of the narrator at diverse moments an anticipation of the narrative. ' ' As you can perceive, oh, reading mine prezadssimo, somebody can be a great scholar without having the lesser knowledge of very common facts of the life, and universally delivering the dreams to it bizarros regarding things conhecidas.' ' (HOFFMANN, 1818, p.43) This finishes for to explain in some moments history to reader, anticipating also some events, has carrying casting between fiction and reality, what it characterizes the call probability, that sends in them to the envolvement of the reader to the narrative, making with that this is more intent to the told facts.


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Later that we complete one year and eleven months of namoro, in route to the two years, appears the words where no girl wanted to hear and that they had made right my chest without mercy: – Sophie, I do not want more to namorar with you. I paralyzed, my eyes if they had fixed here it is in the ones of it and that the first tear appeared, but I started to cry in such a way to the point of my chest to ache, of the breath to be more difficult and painful. Then I was without reaction, the only words that came in my mind, were ' it cannot be truth, not pode'. I was looking at, trying to find one I take refuge, trying to know because, but kadu at least said something or tried to justify itself, only caught mine two hands kissed, them slowly, he bit the lips and its look if he directed until mine and finally it said few words: He forgives – Me, but not of more, you do not imagine the fear that I am feeling, sophie – it said, freeing my hands and giving a kiss to me in my face and he gave the coasts to me. But before it leaving, I cried out: – but fear of that? it says me – One day I will count to you – answered it, giving to the coasts one more time Then kadu if it was, I I was in the way it there field, without at least making something, then I thought after all that one I would be my end, what I will go to make of my life without it? with who I will go to relieve in the bad days? the laugh, histories, with who I will go to share? It is, I not wise person what I would go to make daqui pra front, it was my oxygen. The first week was most painful of my life, I did not make nothing, did not feel will nor to breathe, was seated there very sings in it of my room and crying, remembering the good moments that we pass together and that I will never forget myself, never! My parents already were being worried about me, to the point of to take wanting me medicate to it more and all, I would not go, because after all, were sentimental and not physical pain.