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Planning for Pregnancy

Step One To begin to discuss their plans with their spouse. Phrase: 'Darling, I would so like to have had three …' does not always work. A husband can decide what you want to diversify your sex life. Talk to loud and clear – say, really want a child. If a spouse did not initially set up to these major changes in your life, it is desirable to prepare for this conversation. For example, sighed, talking about his pregnant girlfriend either buy a magazine, 'My child' and leave it in plain view. Step Two After the adoption of joint solutions is the time to deal with their own health. First need to go to a gynecologist. A good specialist, leafed through your medical card will be able to find out all about abortion, previous pregnancy, and contraceptive methods. It also might be interested in your lifestyle, the available and transferred the disease. If necessary, it can appoint additional tests or refer you to other professionals: for example, if, if you want to combine a planned pregnancy with an allergy, you should go to an allergist. All women planning conceiving a child, you need to make a general urinalysis, complete blood count, blood chemistry, as well as swabs and blood tests for genital infection. To clarify the status of internal genital organs to carry out ultrasound (U.S.). Then, doctors recommend visiting a therapist, whose task – to identify and treat chronic diseases. Their presence can greatly complicate the pregnancy, so it is very important to diagnosis and treatment before conceiving a child. And to identify foci of chronic infection requires examination of the ENT doctor and dentist. If your family were hereditary disease or a family stillbirths or miscarriages, consultation and genetics. Geneticist will help identify genetic abnormalities and forecast a healthy baby. Step Three: After all the consultations and surveys, you can start preconception. Women do not drink the medicine without consulting a gynecologist; stop smoking; do not drink alcohol (more than 100 ml of wine a day); refuse tea and coffee (more than two cups a day) and go to herbal teas and fruits and vegetables; prevent disease; eliminate hot tubs, baths and saunas; 3 months before planned conception to start taking vitamins with folic acid; eliminate all diets (but if you plan to complete child, you might help it a diet.) Men: not to be ill; exclude baths and saunas; do not drink or smoke; not to run marathons (more than 37 miles a week running through it is not recommended); not engaged in extreme sports; abandon the close of synthetic underwear. Step four And now you can stop and start to protect themselves properly to conceive a child. Statistics say that healthy couples who have sex 2-3 times a week without contraception, to conceive it is usually necessary from six months to a year. So do not worry if the first time you did not. This may be due to recent use of hormonal contraceptive pill stress, change lifestyle, etc. If the causes are more serious and are associated with health – still do not despair. Remember that modern reproductive medicine cures most cases of infertility. And besides, you can adopt the methods of artificial insemination.

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Endangered Species

It is worth recalling that the idea of Gerald Durrell breed endangered species in zoos had many enemies. First, critics say, the last representatives of endangered forms can not be captured and put behind bars by moral and ethical grounds. And that, to sit and watch together with the tropical jungles are being cut down at the root of the whole direction of life? Second, predicted that the idea of Darrell require too many resources – such as ay-ay, hundreds and thousands. And each must choose your diet, to provide temperature and other modes, sometimes very specific, conditions of detention. And so, they say, is cheaper to create more parks. But have you ever have seen a continuous fence around these protected areas and poachers who are unable to overcome them? Recently, a professor at Oxford University, Norman Meyer calculates that a significant portion of threatened species can be saved, defending only 25 districts of the Earth. In these places, found 44% of all plant species and 35% of vertebrate species. However, the same Maier calls the figure of 2.5 billion dollars, which would be required to protect these areas only in the next 5 years (Magazine Nature, March 2, 2000). Where to get these funds? The idea of Darrell became a generally accepted scientific concept: collect, maintain, settle. And almost all major zoos in the world today are engaged in cultivation of rare species animals. Without captive breeding, many of them (the California condor, an American crane, bison, deer David, horse, white oryx and others) would have survived only in the form of stuffed animals in the Zoological Museum.

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